Kattis is an online service that provides students with programming problems to solve and a system to check if their solutions are correct.  Anyone can create an account, pick a problem, write a solution and submit it to see if it is correct.  The service will respond with a judgment usually within 1 minute.

The service is also used by programing contests and by college faculty for their courses.  I’ve created a Kattis course that includes a set of problems for you to solve during this course.


The first thing you need to do is create a Kattis account.  You can do so at the following URL:  https://bridgewater.kattis.com/register

Next, you need to register as a student in my CSCI-105 Kattis course by going to https://bridgewater.kattis.com/courses/CSCI-105/Fall2016/register  and entering the Registration Key “CSCI-105”.

Problem Sets

You can view the list of problems for the course here: https://bridgewater.kattis.com/courses/CSCI-105/Fall2016/problems.

You will be given a separate handout specifying when each of the problem groups are due. 

Writing a Solution

When you are working on a solution to a Kattis problem, keep the Kattis Java guidelines in mind.  The guidelines can be found here:  https://open.kattis.com/help/java.

Some things to remember are:

  1. Your program should read its input from standard input and produce output on standard output.
  2. Kattis will inspect the exit code of your program. If it is non-zero, she will judge your submission as Run Time Error. So don’t call exit() with a positive number as the argument.  Always return 0.
  3. Uncaught java exceptions will almost always be judged as Run Time Errors with some extra information.

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