Linux and Vi commands

If you search the web for ‘linux cheat sheet‘ you find numerous one-page documents that list the most commonly used Linux commands.  I recommend that you print or bookmark one to help you learn them. Navigating the File System Some of the most common commands that we’ll use are for listing the files within a directory and moving around the […]

How to Transfer Files Between your Local Machine to Your Linux Instance

On a Windows machine: Download any jpg or gif image to your local machine and name the file background.jpg or background.gif depending on the file type. Download the Filezilla client. Select Edit -> Settings -> Connection -> SFTP. Press Add key file… button. Locate and select your .pem key file. Click OK in the bottom left pane. Select File->Site Manager Press New […]

Python 2.7 Keywords

and del from not while as elif global or with assert else if pass yield break except import print class exec in raise continue finally is return def for lambda try Since these words are Python keywords they can not be used as identifiers.