A16 – Final Project

Due at 1:30 on Friday, April 24

Part I

You each will has been assigned to a team. Working with your teammates, choose an online application that provides access to its data through an JavaScript API. Develop a web application that pulls a portion of a user’s content using the social media application’s API and displays that data using D3.js.

After your team has created a web page that satisfies the requirements, duplicate it on all of the team member’s web sites.

Individually, include on your copy of the web page the names of the members of your team and the contributions that each team member made.


  • Arun, Jonathan, Dylan, Benji
  • William, Juan, Hunter, Joshua
  • Shelbie, Jacob, Justin
  • Seth, Larissa, Jorge, Mikayla

Part II

Individually, create an attractive home page for your website. The page must utilizes Bootstrap to provide a header, a main content area, and a footer, and provide margins around the perimeter. The header should include a menu that includes a link to your course webpage and the footer should contain a copy-write notice. The main content area should contain something original and visually interesting.

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