A22 – Layouts

The purpose of this assignment is to gain experience using D3’s layout methods.

For this assignment please create files named layout.html, layout.css, and layout.js.

  • Find hierarchal data on the web that contains at least 20 entities and that has 2 data fields for each element.
  • Use any D3 layout method to position the visualization’s elements.
  • Include the 2 data fields in the visualization.
  • Provide legends for any scaling that you use.
  • Create a visualization that is no larger than 1024×768.
  • Provide a title for the visualization and cite the source of the data.

Final Exam

1.  For this exam create files named final.html, final.css, and final.js.

2.  Using the data found here, create a data visualization with the following components:

  • Title the visualization.
  • Provide a horizontal axis using a scale and the dates specified in the release properties of each game.  Label the scale.
  • Provide a vertical axis using a scale and the numeric values specified in the sales properties of each game.  Label the scale.  The values are in millions.
  • Plot each game in the graph as a circle.
  • Color each circle using a scale that maps each platform to a unique color.
  • Provide a legend for the color scale.
  • Add a tooltip to each circle so that when the user hovers over a circle the name of the game appears.