Chapter 3 Review

Ignore the Symbol type, bitwise operators.

  1. How do you write a script in strict mode?
  2. How do you limit the scope of a variable to a function?
  3. How do you limit the scope of a variable to a block?
  4. What value does a variable have if it is declared but not initialized?
  5. How do you make a variable global?
  6. When a global variable is declared which object is it attached to?
  7. How do you declare a constant?
  8. What are the 6 primitive types?
  9. What is the name of the single complex data type?
  10. What is an Object datatype?
  11. What does the typeof operator evaluate to?
  12. What does the following expression indicate? let x = null;
  13. What are the Boolean values?
  14. What does the Boolean() function do?
  15. What is the Boolean value of “”, 0, null, and undefined?
  16. Why should you never test for specific floating point values?
  17. What property defines the largest and smallest integers?
  18. What does isFinite() return?
  19. What does NaN stand for?
  20. What are parseInt() and parseFloat() used for?
  21. What are the rules for the Number function?

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