Getting Started

In this course you’ll learn how to create a dynamic website on the Internet using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  To accomplish this you’ll need a few things:

  1. The course textbooks
  2. A web server to host your web site
  3. A domain name for your web site

Below are instructions on how to obtain each of these.


The textbook information for the course can be found at and for your convenience is provided below.

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, Ed. 4
ISBN-13: 9781119366447
Frisbie, Matt

This is an excellent text.  It covers all of JavaScript, even the new features.

Domain Names

Domain names are leased on a year-by-year basis through a registrar.  Once we register a domain name we have an option to renew it, year after year, before someone else can lease it.  Each registrar sells domain names for a subset of the top level domains (TLDs).  For example, is a registrar for these TLDs.

The cost of registering a domain name depends on the TLD that you choose.  A .com domain name, for example, costs less than $10 per year, whereas a .io domain name might cost $45 per year.

Some TLDs are restricted.  For example, to register a domain name under the .edu TLD, we have to represent an accredited educational institution.  A list of the original TLDs (.com, .org, .net, etc) as well as all of the other TLDs can be found here.

Domain names can contain alphanumeric characters (a-z 0-9) along with the hyphen so long as they’re not used for the first or last character in the domain name.  Finding the right domain name can sometimes take a long time because the ones we want may have already been registered.

Web Site Hosting

Every web site consists of a collection of files (html, css, javascript, php, images, etc).  These files have to reside on a computer that has a web server running on it.  We can download, install, and configure a web server on our own personal computer (so long as our internet service provider allows it) or we can purchase a hosting plan from a web host provider.  A web host provider, provides space on computers that already have web servers running on them.  They maintain the hardware and the server so all we have to do is add our web files.

We need our web server to have the following properties:

  1. We need the server to run a Linux operating system.
  2. We must be able to log into the machine using SSH.  This will allow us to log into the server and modify our files.

Purchasing a Doman Name and Hosting Plan

For this course you’re required to purchase a hosting plan and a domain name.  I recommend you use with the coupon shown below.  This will provide a hosting plan for $1 per month and a free domain name.

Click on this link to load a discount offer page.  When the page loads, press Get Started.  Then enter a search string and press Search to start your search for a domain name.   Once you’ve found a domain name that you like, press Select and Continue.

When you get to the shopping cart, do the following:

  1. Make sure the hosting plan is a Linux hosting plan.
  2. Hit the trash can next to Office 365 Starter Email – you don’t need that.
  3. Set the duration for your domain name lease to 1 year.

Your shopping cart should total around $12.18 and look like the following screenshot.

If not, check that you are using the promo code CJCOFFERSH.  If you run into problems feel free to email me using my college email address.

Once you are satisfied, purchase the hosting plan and domain name and email me your domain name.

Linking your Domain Name to Your Hosting Plan

If you own more than one domain name (I own 3), Godaddy needs to know which domain name you want associated with your hosting plan.

To set this up, log onto and click your name in the upper right corner of the main page.  When you do so, a drop-down menu will appear.  In the drop-down menu, press the button labeled Visit My Account.  A page displaying all of the products that you’ve purchased will be displayed.  Under the Web Hosting section you should see Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel.   If you see a button labeled Set up, press the Set up button and follow the prompts to associate the domain name you purchased with the hosting plan.  Note:  When you see a prompt asking you if you want to set up a WordPress site, choose No.

When you are done, enter your domain name in a browser.  You should see a page that looks like this.

Enable SSH on Your Host Account

We’ll be using programs that use SSH (Secure Shell) to connect remotely to our host machine. Before we do so we need to enable SSH on the host. Below are instructions on enabling SSH on your new host account.

  1. Log into your Godaddy account if you’re not logged on already.
  2. Click your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and choose My Products from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Manage button next to your hosting plan.
  4. On the right side of the screen is a pane titled Settings with two tabs labeled Account and Server.  Click on the Server tab.
  5. Click on Manage next to SSH access.
  6. Toggle SSH access to On.

Well, that’s all for now.  Don’t forget to email me your domain name.

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