Modifying Text Nodes

Text nodes contain plain text that is interpreted literally.  The text may contain escaped HTML characters but no HTML tags.  A text node has the following characteristics

  • nodeType is 3
  • nodeName is “#text”
  • nodeValue and data contain the text in the node
  • parentNode is an Element node
  • child nodes are not supported
  • length indicates the number of text characters in nodeValue

Any place that may have text has a text node, including places where whitespace exists.

We can create text nodes using the createTextNode() method and append the node to an element node with appendChild().

var textNode = document.createTextNode("hello");

The text in a text node can be modified in any of the following ways:

  • The nodeValue and data properties may be set directly
  • appendData(text) appends text to the end of the node
  • deleteData(offset, count) deletes count number of characters starting at offset
  • insertData(offset, text) inserts text at offset
  • replaceData(offset, count, text) replaces content starting at offset through offset + count with text
  • splitText(offset) splits the text node into two text nodes
  • substringData(offset, count) extracts a substring of length count from the text starting at offset

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