Useful Opera & WebStorm Features

Below are instructions for performing various tasks in Opera and WebStorm that you may find useful.

Opera Features

Show Developer Menu
  • View > Show Developer Menu
Open DevTools
  • Right-click mouse and choose Inspect Element
Disable Caching (while DevTools is open)
  • Right-click and choose Inspect Element
  • Choose the Network tab
  • Check Disable cache
Clear the browser’s cache
  • Select Opera > Clear Browsing Data
  • Check Cached images and file then press Clear Browsing Data

Webstorm Features

Create a new directory
  • Select File > New > Directory
Create a new HTML, CSS, or Javascript file
  • Select File > New > File
Rename a file
  • Select Refactor > Rename
Automatically auto-indent your code
  • Select Code > Auto-Indent Lines
Open two edit windows
  • Select Window > Editor Tabs > Split Vertically

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