Advice for Success

Succeeding in College

  • Get organized (retype notes, get a binder for handouts, see Chip Studwell)
  • Stay current with the required reading
  • Read your notes in the evening after class

Learning to Program

  • Copying other’s code guarantees your failure in this class.
  • Trying and failing that leads to succeeding creates memories that you can rely on during an exam.

Use Your Resources

When we hackers develop algorithms and write code we all get stuck.  Don’t bang your head against a wall for too long.  Get help and use your resources.

When using these resources remember that copying other’s code without citation is plagiarism and that all work submitted for a grade must be your own (no citations allowed).  When writing code for a grade, use your resources to understand how a computation is programmed then implement it on your own without using the resource.

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